2 Key Focus Points to Start Prepping


The idea of prepping might seem overwhelming to some. There are so many things we need to be prepared right? Wrong.

There are only 2 Key Focus Points to Start Prepping and they can help keep you healthy for weeks.

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Surviving without the Grid

surviving without the grid

If the grid goes down and suddenly there is no electricity, no natural gas and no water coming into your home, what will you do? How much thought and planning have you given to surviving without the Grid?


Food Storage Basics – Part 5: Storing Water

When we talk about food storage, there is one thing that should be at the top of the list, and it isn’t a food. Water. Survivalists know that an adequate food storage doesn’t do a lick of good if there is not any water to sustain life. You must have water to survive. It is [...]

Camp Cooking with the Kelly Kettle

We have a tradition at my house, every winter we get out the Kelly Kettle (Kelly Kettle Aluminum Trekker model) and make some hot cocoa. The kids love this annual festivity and it gives me a chance to teach them some outdoors stuff.

How it works


The Kelly Kettle is a hollow wall [...]

Disinfect Water with Calcium Hypochlorite

Disinfect Water with Calcium Hypochlorite

Calcium hypochlorite is granular (or power) product typically used to chlorinate swimming pools. It is also known as “pool shock” (Any similar product that lists only Calcium Hypochlorite as the active ingredient should be safe to use to disinfect water and for water purification).


Survival Equipment: Water Storage on the cheap

  Whether you are a prepper or survivalist, it just makes sense to have some water stored in case of disruption of public water systems. How many times have you heard of a broken water main or other maintenance that causes a Boil Water advisory?   Most of us drink milk, juice or even soda that comes [...]

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