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DIY Water Filter

DIY Home Water Filter

Everyone knows that the Big Berkey is the premier water filter of choice and it is a champ. If you can afford one, then you should have one to provide clean, safe water to you and your family in the event of an emergency or clean water shortage. If you can’t afford that, I’m here […]

100,000 Gallons of Water for your Bug Out Bag

100000 gallons of water for your bug out bag geekprepper

I am a huge fan of the LifeStraw, which can filter up to 1000 liters of water. Then I discovered a filter in the same price range, that can filter even more. I’m talking about 100,000 Gallons of Water for your Bug Out Bag.


Hillbilly Water Filter


When you are in survival mode, you may be forced to do things you wouldn’t normally do. For example, if you are in desperate need of clean drinking water and you do not have a filtering system with you, you may need to use this creative “hillbilly” method to clean water you have managed to […]

Water after SHTF

water after shtf

How will you obtain Water in after SHTF?


Big Berkey Water filters. You can enter to win one free.

This contest ended in April 2011

Big Berkeys are the king when it comes to water filtration both at home and abroad. It’s used by many organizations when they have to go to 3rd world countries or sites where clean water isn’t available.

Anyway you can register to win one free. Maybe I’ll win, maybe […]

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