Let's get prepared for extraordinary situations together! - John (Geek Prepper)
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Obtaining Water

obtaining water

Water is essential for wilderness survival. Obtaining Water and staying hydrated during any survival scenarios is important.


Survival Scenarios for Children

survival scenarios for children

Walk and talk with your children. Ask them questions that simulate survival scenarios for children.


Survival of the Mind

survival of the mind

A man who knows something about survival, explains that his training did not make him indestructible, but taught him to recognize his limitations and compensate for them, using survival of the mind.


Humans as Predators after SHTF

humans as predators after shtf

Once things start to go south, I can see the human predators mirroring the tactics of predatory beasts. After all the easy pickings are gone, they will begin to utilize the same base instincts, just like real animals.


Budget survival Knife

budget survival knife

Many of us can barely afford our day to day lives, so finding a decent yet, economically pricedsurvival knife, is sometimes an unreachable goal. We all see the slick looking $500 survival knives out there, but that’s not realistic for many of us. Is there a reliable, budget survival knife for us “budget preppers”?


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