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FM 21-76 Army Survival Manual

fm21-76 survival manual

The FM 21-76 is the Army’s Field Manual for survival. It is inexpensive and concise and has saved many soldiers lives.


eBooks when the Grid is Down.

reading ebooks when the grid is down

In the digital age, eBooks are a constant. We read them on trains, we read them while waiting in line and we study with them. What will happen to your vast repository of eBooks if we have a Grid Down situation? How will you access that knowledge? Will it still be available or will […]

Bug Out Bag ALICE pack (Large)

alice pack bug out bag

One day I was over at the local military surplus store and saw a large ALICE pack with external frame. I was intrigued by the idea of a Bug Out Bag Alice Pack setup. I figured that the price was right and I was in the market for a larger bug-out-bag, so I scooped […]

Survival Equipment: Bug out Bag

All stuffed into my Large A.L.I.C.E. Pack (Olive green)

Kelly Kettle (cooking and rapid water boiling) Mess Kit Kbar military issue knife hatchet 5ft x 7ft heavy duty survival (or space) blanket survival space blankets Compass 550 Paracord (100ft) bandana duct tape wire ties firesteel cigarette lighter flash light head lamp Emergency candle tarp wool […]

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