eBooks when the Grid is Down.

reading ebooks when the grid is down

In the digital age, eBooks are a constant. We read them on trains, we read them while waiting in line and we study with them. What will happen to your vast repository of eBooks if we have a Grid Down situation? How will you access that knowledge? Will it still be available or will [...]

Bug Out Bag ALICE pack (Large)


One day I was over at the local military surplus store and saw a large ALICE pack with external frame. I was intrigued by the idea of a Bug Out Bag Alice Pack setup. I figured that the price was right and I was in the market for a larger bug-out-bag, so I scooped it [...]

Survival Equipment: FM21-76 Army Survival Manual Review

FM 21-76 Army Survival Manual from March 1986. I highly recommend that you purchase multiple copies of this handy book and keep one in each of your vehicles and in your bug out bag. I would like to recommend that you look for a later version. I like this one from 1986 much better than [...]

Survival Equipment: Bug out Bag

All stuffed into my Large A.L.I.C.E. Pack (Olive green)

Kelly Kettle (cooking and rapid water boiling) Mess Kit Kbar military issue knife hatchet 5ft x 7ft heavy duty survival (or space) blanket survival space blankets Compass 550 Paracord (100ft) bandana duct tape wire ties firesteel cigarette lighter flash light head lamp Emergency candle tarp wool [...]

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