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Post Archives

Inflatable Lantern

inflatable lantern

Space is a valuable commodity, especially if you need to bug out. You need to conserve every square inch of space in your gear so you can take the supplies you need. An Inflatable lantern may provide you with extra available space.


Life without Electricity

life without electricity geek-prepper

It’s winter, here in the USA, and many parts of the country just got hit with ice storms. The electricity has been on and off all night and it got me reflecting on the power grid and life without electricity.


Solar Power Progress

I got the Sunforce 60031 10amp Charge controller installed today. Now I can see the voltage of my battery bank.


Baby Steps into Solar Part II

My solar setup, that I discussed in Baby Steps into Solar, has slowly been growing. Here are the additions and modifications I’ve made since the previous post.


Watches and Clocks after SHTF

Watches and clocks after SHTF

After SHTF will we still be able to look at our wrists and instantly know what time it is? We still will need some method to count the hours and plan our days. If only someone made solar powered devices we could use as wrist watches and clocks after SHTF. Oh wait, they do!


Surviving without the Grid

surviving without the grid

If the grid goes down and suddenly there is no electricity, no natural gas and no water coming into your home, what will you do? How much thought and planning have you given to surviving without the Grid?


Solar Power “Generator”

I’m always on the look out for alternate ways to provide power to my technical gadgets. I really want to take my solar power generation to the next level, but if I have to bug out I’ll have to leave it all behind….or will I?