Let's get prepared for extraordinary situations together! - John (Geek Prepper)
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Telling Time after SHTF

telling time after shtf

After SHTF will we still be able to look at our wrists and instantly know what time it is? We still will need some method to count the hours and plan our days. What will be your method for telling time after SHTF?


Dry Meats in a Hot Car

dry meats in a hot car

You can harness the power of the sun to dry foods, you can buy a solar dryer or solar dehydrator, you can build your own, or you can dry meats in a hot car!


Simple Portable Solar

Simple portable solar

Wouldn’t it be nice it’d be to have a way to power small appliances and other devices on camping trips or during power outages? A simple portable solar generator is the perfect solution.







100 Watt Solar Panel Upgrade

100 watt panel upgrade

I finally saved enough pennies, and got enough Amazon gift cards to do a 100 watt solar panel upgrade to my tiny solar power system.


Inflatable Lantern

Luci inflatable lantern

Space is a valuable commodity, especially if you need to bug out. You need to conserve every square inch of space in your gear so you can take the supplies you need. An Inflatable lantern may provide you with extra available space.


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