Trapping for Food After SHTF

Trapping for Food After SHTF

If there is a disaster and there is no food on the shelves, what will you eat? Where will you find food? I’ll be trapping for food. Let my meals come to me, so I can be doing other survival tasks. [...]

Survival Skills: Garden – Chicken wire around the garden is already paying off!

I was on my way to the compost tumbler last evening when I realized there was a rabbit hanging out in my yard again. I managed to see it a split second before, Taz, the Geek’s Ranch “guard cockapoo” spied it and went into hot pursuit.

This caused me to pause a moment and to [...]

Survival Skills: Garden protection

Happy Mother’s day from Geek’s Guide!

It’s been a few days since my last post. I had to get up on the ladder and paint most of our exterior trim around the house. Not nearly as much fun as posting to the blog.

While I was painting I was thinking about ways to reduce pests [...]

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