Have You Considered Your Addiction during SHTF?

We always talk about getting extra prescription medication to last you through a SHTF situation, but you may have other needs that you haven’t considered. Have You Considered Your Addictions for SHTF?

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Surprising Statistics on American’s Preparedness

Today I discovered some Surprising Statistics on American’s Preparedness, from the FEMA website.


Holiday Gift Ideas for Preppers

What do you buy the preppers in your life for holidays? We’ve put together some holiday gift Ideas for preppers to help you out.


Survival Value of a Dead Tree


One of the best things about learning survival or outdoor skills, especially the more primitive variety, is the fact that everything has a purpose. Nothing goes to waste. There is no such thing as garbage when you are working with natural materials.


Training In Survival Skills – 3 Considerations

Your survival training hinges on understanding the Law of Threes. It is your guideline in any situation where you are forced to fight to survive. You may know what it is, but how can you make it your own? Meaning, how can you make it second nature to make things go a little smoother in [...]

Embrace the Suck

There are times in our lives when things just absolutely suck. Maybe your computer crashed, you lost your keys or you lost a memory card with pictures of your vacation. It sucks. There is no doubt about it, but there is one way to deal with it–Embrace the Suck. In survival situations, military training and [...]

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