Let's get prepared for extraordinary situations together! - John (Geek Prepper)
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Preparedness for Natural Disasters

preparedness for natural disasters

It seems that natural disasters are happening much more often and with more devastating results. Everyone should have a plan of preparedness for natural disasters.


Pet Prepping

pet prepping

When you are doing your survival planning, you are making considerations for each member of your family. What about your pet and pet prepping? This is the time to decide if Rover is riding shotgun with you through the apocalypse or if he will be left to fend for himself.


Survival Scenarios for Children

survival scenarios for children

Walk and talk with your children. Ask them questions that simulate survival scenarios for children.


Give Yourself the Gift of a Skill

gift of a skill

Many preppers have no problem shelling out money for preparedness gear, but how many are will to also put forth some time and physical effort to learn or sharpen a skill? This year don’t just buy yourself and your loved ones gadgets, give the gift of a skill.


Prepper groups, power in numbers

prepper groups power in numbers

We all have heard the old adage “You can’t do it alone”, and that is so true for preppers. We need be part of prepper group.


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