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Budget Night Vision: $100-$300

budget night vision

I am a firm believer in Night Vision. In my previous post Prepare for the Darkness with Night Vision, I covered some night vision in the sub $500 range. $500 is still a ton of money for most people, so we did some looking around to see what we could find in the budget night vision ($100-300) range.

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Night Vision – Prepare for the Darkness

night vision prepare for the darkness

   Night vision is an advantage multiplier. When the SHTF, some people will become predators. Any advantage you can add to your bag of tricks will be essential. Many of these people, who are preying on others, will be doing so because they haven’t prepared. You can use this lack of preparation against them, because the chances are good that ...

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Nighttime Survival Essentials

Many basic survival kits have their primary focus on surviving the daytime, but can have some holes in their nighttime survival aspects. Surviving in the night depends on a lot of factors, including climate, time of year, and the type of terrain in which you are trekking, but there are some things that are common to surviving your situation, regardless ...

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