4 Silent Methods to Acquire Food

4 Silent Methods to Acquire Food

Staying off the radar will be key in after the SHTF. You will still need to eat, so, to get you thinking, let’s list 4 Silent Methods to Acquire Food







Primitive skills

Do you possess primitive skills? Everyone should have some level of primitive skill or manual skills to fall back on.


Air rifles for SHTF food procurement

Air rifles for post SHTF food procurement

I know many people are capable of hunting. Most of us have factored firearms into our plans but in a post-SHTF scenario, stealth may be the difference between life and death. I don’t want the report of a rifle tipping off anyone, where I am, or where my family is. That’s where air rifles come […]

The 4 C’s: Hunting for Food (by Craig Caudill)


Humans began their days as hunter-gatherers. While the “gatherer” half of the equation has long been replaced by agriculture, large- and small-scale alike, one could argue that the “hunter” is alive and well. As self-sufficient outdoorsmen and women, today’s hunters combine an in-depth knowledge of the surrounding ecosystem with carefully honed outdoors skills; they hunt […]

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