Survival Gear: Which battle rifle should you own for TEOTWAWKI?

If I had one battle rifle to choose it’d be the AK-47, hands down. If the AK-47 wasn’t available then I’d jump on a WASR10. The AK-47 has been battle tested and proven. It has been buried in mud, filled with sand, picked up out of rivers and in almost every case, has worked [...]

Survival Equipment: Hands on with the Stack-On 14 Gun Security Cabinet

Here at Geeks-Guide we always condone securing your weapons, and now we can show you an economic solution to do just that.

The Stack-On 14 Gun Security Cabinet isn’t what we’d call a gun safe, but it is better than sticking them in your closet. If properly secured to the wall and floor it [...]

Firearms for home defense


How will you defend your home and loved ones should you be subjected to a home invasion or other violent crimes in your home? Are you prepared to use Firearms for home defense ?


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