Let's get prepared for extraordinary situations together! - John (Geek Prepper)
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A Prepper’s Guide to Body Armor for the End of the World

preppers guide to body armor

Many preppers are eager to equip themselves with all kinds of weaponry, but the need for proper protection is something that few are aware of. This is exactly why they need to read up on a Prepper’s Guide to Body Armor.


Math, Recipes and Shopping Lists

math, recipes and shopping lists

While you are planning your food storage, take advantage of all that fancy book learnin’ and use some simple math with your recipes and shopping lists to determine how much of each ingredient you’ll need to store!


Cold Weather Dehydration

We’ve all been lectured about staying hydrated on hot summer days, but did you know that in the winter you can be a victim of cold weather dehydration?


Other Situations Where Body Armor Could Save Your Life

body armor could save your life

Each and every day, you go about your day, assuming that you are safe and that there is nothing bad going to happen to you. Depending on what you do for a living, there is a good chance that someone may come into your place of business and put your life in danger today. It […]

Financial Preparation in a SHTF World

When prepping, the focus is heavily on items for survival: food, water, gas, guns, ammunition, and anything that helps you survive off the grid. However, it is important to realize that eventually, despite all your preparedness, you will need to make purchases. Should the economy collapse completely, or a super-storm like Sandy takes out […]

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