Cold Weather Dehydration

We’ve all been lectured about staying hydrated on hot summer days, but did you know that in the winter you can be a victim of cold weather dehydration?


Other Situations Where Body Armor Could Save Your Life

body armor could save your life

Each and every day, you go about your day, assuming that you are safe and that there is nothing bad going to happen to you. Depending on what you do for a living, there is a good chance that someone may come into your place of business and put your life in danger today. It […]

Financial Preparation in a SHTF World

When prepping, the focus is heavily on items for survival: food, water, gas, guns, ammunition, and anything that helps you survive off the grid. However, it is important to realize that eventually, despite all your preparedness, you will need to make purchases. Should the economy collapse completely, or a super-storm like Sandy takes out […]

How To Communicate During a Disaster

In an emergency situation, you need to be aware of what’s going on around you and also be able to communicate with the outside world. Whether it’s a tornado, earthquake, flood, hurricane or blizzard, your ability to effectively send and receive messages is critical to your ability to get somewhere safe, get appropriate medical help […]

Repelling Insects With Natural Herbs And Common Sense

If you plan on going outside where insects are persistent, it is important that you use both common sense and insect repellent to deter bugs from coming biting you.


Ways to Keep Your Home Safe in an Economic Collapse

Let’s face it, the U.S. economy is more than likely headed for collapse. With the bailouts back in 2008 and the wreckless spending under the Bush and Obama administration alongside corruption in nearly every government department, our country has gotten itself into a heap of financial trouble. If our economy collapses, there will surely be […]

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