Night Vision – Prepare for the Darkness

Night vision is an advantage multiplier. When the SHTF, some people will become predators. Any advantage you can add to your bag of tricks will be essential. Many of these people, who are preying on others, will be doing so because they haven’t prepared. You can use this lack of preparation against them because […]

Night Vision Rifle Scope

night vision rifle scope

In a grid down situation, Night can be a game changer. I decided that Night is likely the time when the “rabbits” will make their moves on my “garden”. We both know I’m talking about bad people, in a post SHTF scenario, coming to take your provisions or to do harm to you and yours! […]

Night Vision Toys use Gen-1 Night Vision Technology

night vision toys gen-1 tech

I’m a nerd and pretty preparedness minded. I’ve been looking for Gen-1 (or cheap Gen-2) Night Vision to familiarize myself with the technology and to have, just in case. Night Vision Technology, even the first generation (Gen-1) isn’t cheap. It can still tip the scales at over $200 at the low end.

After doing quite […]

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