Food Storage Basics – Part 6: Build Up your Food Storage

You have made your food storage ingredient list and are ready to begin shopping. Or are you? You are probably looking around your home thinking of what you can sell or considering a bank loan to fund your food storage shopping spree. Stop! You don’t have to get everything, today. This is a plan that […]

Survival Skills: Garden – So far so good.

Lettuce, cabbage and Japalanoes

The garden looks good. I’ve attached some pictures so you can see the progress of our plants.

The bare spots are areas where I planted seeds directly into the garden, so we should be seeing some spouts any time now.

I am really pumped about the tomatoes, I should be […]

Survival Skills: Garden – Upside Down Tomato Garden

This is almost exactly like my upside down garden

If you like tomatoes and plan to grow them, especially in an area without much space, I recommend using an upside down tomato garden. I’ve had some great results.

I no longer have tomatoes pulling the plant over and laying on the ground where they […]

Survival Skills: Garden protection

Happy Mother’s day from Geek’s Guide!

It’s been a few days since my last post. I had to get up on the ladder and paint most of our exterior trim around the house. Not nearly as much fun as posting to the blog.

While I was painting I was thinking about ways to reduce pests […]

Survival Skills: Gardening – The Sweet Peppers Have Dropped By

About time, lazy peppers!

Yes! The sweet peppers finally started to sprout. Here I was thinking that I screwed up the planting process. Mostly because it’s so hard to poke a hole in the dirt, toss in a seed, then refill the hole with dirt. I’m sure you’re all laughing at me!

Patience was […]

Greenland Gardener Raised Bed Garden Kit

Last year at the Geek Ranch, we decided we would put out a garden. We opted to do some raised bed gardens and settled on the Greenland Gardener Raised Bed Garden Kit and we purchased 2 sets. We got ours at Sam’s Club, so they were quite a bit cheaper than Amazon, but I don’t […]

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