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Food Storage, Expand Your Pantry for Preparedness

expand your pantry

Food storage is more important now than it was 20-30 years ago. When I was a teenager I worked in a grocery store. We had a huge back room filled with stock for the shelves. Today, most grocery stores do NOT keep much, if any, stock in their storage rooms. It’s much cheaper and easier […]

Freezing Berries

This is a nice write up from Cris S. from Indiana, discussing Freezing Berries. This definitely could be applied in Food storage and self sufficiency activities.


Food Storage Basics – Part 8: Meal Ingredients

You have grand plans to create an adequate and fabulous food storage that will carry your family through an emergency, but how do you get started? What ingredients should you store? There is not one universal list that every family will use. Everybody has their preferences and it is up to you to store the […]

Food Storage Basics – Part 7: Protecting Your Food from Pests

You are storing food for your family, not bugs and rodents! How can you keep the pesky critters from getting into your food and essentially ruining it before your family gets a chance to enjoy everything you gathered? Not only do you need to consider where you store your food, you need to consider how […]

Food Storage Basics – Part 6: Build Up your Food Storage

You have made your food storage ingredient list and are ready to begin shopping. Or are you? You are probably looking around your home thinking of what you can sell or considering a bank loan to fund your food storage shopping spree. Stop! You don’t have to get everything, today. This is a plan that […]

Food Storage Basics – Part 5: Storing Water

When we talk about food storage, there is one thing that should be at the top of the list, and it isn’t a food. Water. Survivalists know that an adequate food storage doesn’t do a lick of good if there is not any water to sustain life. You must have water to survive. It is […]

Food Storage Basics – Part 4: Where to Store Your Food

One of the biggest hurdles when it comes to food storage is trying to find somewhere to store it all. If you live in a tiny apartment or a house packed to the rafters with “stuff” you are probably thinking you cannot possibly add anymore, especially a well-organized food storage. Oh, but yes you can. […]