Micro Light for EDC KeyChain Carry

A flashlight should be part of everyone’s Every Day Carry kit, but many of us don’t have the space to carry more stuff. A Micro Light for EDC KeyChain Carry might be the perfect answer!


EDC Survival Kit – Increasing the Odds of Survival

EDC survival kit

Sooner or later we’re all going to find ourselves in a situation where a few coincidental happenings could turn a bad day into a survival situation. With this in mind I opted to put together a EDC Survival Kit to increase my chances in any of these scenarios.


EDC Budget tactical flashlight

EDC Budget Tactical Flashlight

Budget tactical flashlight – is there such a thing? I love the concept of tactical flashlights. I don’t love the price of tactical flashlights. What I needed was a light that I could use for an EDC light, but could also serve as a budget tactical flashlight.


Bug Out light with unlimited batteries

Bug Out light with unlimited batteries

If you ever have to go on the run wouldn’t it be nice to have a Bug Out light with unlimited batteries available?


Survival Equipment: A gadget that I never thought I’d have a reason to use

  It was a cold, stormy, winter’s night. There I was, standing at the gas stove, frying up some eggs for my breakfast the following morning, when the power went out. As I previously mentioned, I have a gas stove, so the cooking itself wasn’t in immediate danger.    My wife grabbed our Florescent camping [...]

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