The maiden voyage of the new Fire Pit

firepit 07082013

My new fire pit arrived yesterday, and I took it out for it’s maiden voyage.


Fresnel Lens Fire Starting Proof of Concept (VIDEO)


I had many people ask me if you can really start a fire with a Fresnel Lens, like you can with a magnifying glass. Here’s your proof.


Guest Post: Law of Threes – Maintain Core Body Temp (Craig Caudill)

DSC06134-300x225 (1)

For this article we’ll discuss one of the top priorities in wilderness survival. For starters we’d like to have a little bit of review on some general guidelines for wilderness survival that help us prioritize things that we need to do to survive. I want you to take note that despite being called laws, we […]

Guest Post: Nurturing A Tinder Bundle Into Flame – part 2 (by Craig Caudill)

If you’ve been paying attention, we already talked about making a good tinder bundle. The next step now is nurturing that tinder bundle into flame so we can make good use of it for cooking, providing warmth, or just irresponsibly starting a forest fire (just kidding!).

Now try to remember that you need three basic […]

Guest Post: A Good Tinder Bundle – part 1 (by Craig Caudill)

Fire building is an essential survival tool for a lot of folks, whether you are in the military, an outdoorsman, hunter, survivalist, or prepper, fire building is a core survival skill that you should be able to master. Remember, fire has and will always be what you may consider an essential tool for human survival. […]

Homemade firestarters

We’ve all read about using egg cartons, dryer lint, and wax to make fire starters, but how many of us have actually tried it?

I had some egg cartons, a couple old jar candles and, believe it or not, some dryer lint, so it was time to make some home made fire starters.




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