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Free Kindle eBooks 02-16-2015

free kindle books

In today’s economy, you need to save when you can. That’s why we bring you the hottest Free Kindle Books on Amazon.com for 02/16/2015


To Print or Not to Print

to print or not to print

Someday the grid might go down and if so, our way of life will drastically change. All of those ebooks and websites that we use for reference will be gone. Sure you can limp along on a mobile device or laptop by using a generator or solar powered recharging, but sooner or later electronics will […]

Knot Tying Resources for Children

knot tying resources for children

Children’s minds are like sponges. Show them something, or teach them something while young and they’ll have it for life. An important skill that children should be taught is knot tying. Doesn’t it make sense to give them knowledge that will come in handy almost every day of their life?


Used Book Stores

used book stores

I had some paperbacks books that I’ve been meaning to donate or trade in, so today I tossed the heavy box of old science fiction paperback books into the van, and headed into town. What is my plan? I am hoping I can trade this pile of books, at the used book store, for […]

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