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Llama Omni .45 reflections

I’ve owned quite a few guns in my day. The Llama Omni .45 was one of the first handguns I ever owned. I’d heard differing opinions about Llamas and their quality or performance, but I was a young married man and this used Llama Omni .45 was all I could afford.


Llama Omni Exploded View

Llama Omni Exploded View

The Llama Omni was produced by Llama Firearms (Llama-Gabilondo y Cia SA), a Spanish arms company founded in 1904, under the name Gabilondo and Urresti. It’s hard to find information or parts for these pistols, but we have the Llama Omni Exploded view diagram.


Llama Omni Manual

I am looking for a manual or field stripping guide for a Llama Omni .45 (or 9mm). If anyone has one please send me an email or post in the comments so I can get a copy of it from you.

Firearms for Home Defense

firearms for home defense

How will you defend your home and loved ones should you be subjected to a home invasion or other violent crimes in your home? Are you prepared to use Firearms for home defense ?


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