Marylanders head to Annapolis for 2nd Amendment

In Annapolis today, I joined with thousands and thousands of Maryland citizens who were very concerned about their 2nd Amendment rights in the face of Maryland SB281, Draconian gun measures.

There were so many people that it was almost impossible to move. I did some quick recon, and found that Maryland PAC was representing National [...]

UN Gun Ban is back!

An email we received today. This is for information. I did paste the entire email in to this post so if you feel compelled to donate to this cause then feel free, if not then spread the word that we Americans do NOT support UN gun mandates!


From: Dudley Brown Date sent 08/26/2012 05:08:00 [...]

Media Feeding Government Anti-Gun Agenda

We’ve all seen the headlines lately, but check out the words and phrases used in this NY Times article:

Here are some excerpts:

The pistol used by a disgruntled designer to kill a former co-worker outside the Empire State Building on Friday is among the more lethal handguns on the American firearms market.


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