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Essentials of Camouflage

essentials of camouflage  There will be times that you want to be seen, but other times, you may want to blend in to the surrounding environment.  You need to understand the essentials of camouflage for those times, when you wish to remain hidden. Continue reading Essentials of Camouflage

Using Your New Ferro Rod

using your new ferro rod  You are shopping for a new ferro rod, or maybe you just purchased a new one. If you’ve never used one before then this guide is here to help you get started. Continue reading Using Your New Ferro Rod

Building a Fire Using a Tinder Bundle

building a fire using a tinder bundle  In the wild you need to know the skills involved in building a fire using a tinder bundle, so you craft some fire for cooking, providing warmth and light. Continue reading Building a Fire Using a Tinder Bundle

A Tinder Bundle

tinder bundle  Fire building is a key survival tool and is essential for human survival. Fire building is a core survival skill, that you need to master. The first step in building a fire is making a tinder bundle. Continue reading A Tinder Bundle

Survival Scenarios for Children

survival scenarios for children  Walk and talk with your children. Ask them questions that simulate survival scenarios for children.

Continue reading Survival Scenarios for Children

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