2 Focus Points for the New Prepper

2 focus points for the new prepperThe idea of prepping might seem overwhelming to some. There are so many things we need to be prepared right? Wrong.

There are only 2  Focus Points for the new prepping and they can help keep you alive and well for weeks. Continue reading 2 Focus Points for the New Prepper

Food Storage, Expand Your Pantry for Preparedness

expand your pantryFood storage is more important now than it was 20-30 years ago. When I was a teenager I worked in a grocery store. We had a huge back room filled with stock for the shelves. Today, most grocery stores do NOT keep much, if any, stock in their storage rooms. It’s much cheaper and easier for them, to use their computerized inventory system to order exactly what they need, when they need it. Continue reading Food Storage, Expand Your Pantry for Preparedness

Prepper groups, power in numbers

prepper groups power in numbersWe all have heard the old adage “You can’t do it alone”, and that is so true for preppers. We need be part of prepper group. Continue reading Prepper groups, power in numbers

Slingshots for SHTF

slingshots for shtfAfter my post on Bushcraft slingshots, I decided to find the best, store bought one available. Someone, who was good with a slingshot ,could put lots of meat on the table. Continue reading Slingshots for SHTF

DIY Home Water Filter

DIY Home Water FilterEveryone knows that the Big Berkey is the premier water filter of choice and it is a champ.  If you can afford one, then you should have one to provide clean, safe water to you and your family in the event of an emergency or clean water shortage. If you can’t afford that, I’m here to help you build your own DIY Home Water Filter Continue reading DIY Home Water Filter

Do You Need Binoculars for Preparedness?

do you need binoculars I’ve seen some discussion where people discount the need for binoculars in your preps. They go as far to claim that they waste space and add unneeded weight in their bug out bags or gear. Those people are wrong you do need Binoculars for preparedness. Continue reading Do You Need Binoculars for Preparedness?

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