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Geek Prepper is a Shooter, Outdoorsman, Hunter, Super Nerd, Writer, Prepper; Showing you how to prepare for extraordinary situations.
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Awareness is Self Defense

awareness is self defenseNot all of us are as aware as we should be. Awareness is self defense!

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Geek Prepper’s Radio Interview on BreakThru Radio

radio interviewYou can listen to my latest radio interview on BreakThru Radio.

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Program a Baofeng Radio with CHIRP

program a baofeng radio with chirpIt makes sense that your handheld radio should be able to take the place of multiple radios. Want to add all the channels you need quickly and easily? Let’s program a Baofeng Radio with CHIRP to get the job done.

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Pet Prepping

pet preppingWhen you are doing your survival planning, you are making considerations for each member of your family. What about your pet and pet prepping? This is the time to decide if Rover is riding shotgun with you through the apocalypse or if he will be left to fend for himself. Continue reading Pet Prepping

Free Kindle eBooks 02-16-2015

free kindle booksIn today’s economy, you need to save when you can. That’s why we bring you the hottest Free Kindle Books on Amazon.com for 02/16/2015

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