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Preparedness Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Preparedness Mother's Day Gift Ideas What do you buy your Wife and Mother for Mother’s Day? If your wife or mother isn’t a prepper, she will appreciate the fact that you want her to be safe! Here are some great holiday gift Ideas to help you out. Continue reading Preparedness Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Survival Supply Caches

survival supply cachesIf you need to stash some gear or supplies then you need to consider Survival Supply Caches, the Prepper’s Safe Deposit Box! Continue reading Survival Supply Caches

Dry Meats in a Hot Car

dry meats in a hot carYou can harness the power of the sun to dry foods, you can buy a solar dryer or solar dehydrator, you can build your own, or you can dry meats in a hot car!

Continue reading Dry Meats in a Hot Car

Survival Training for Children

survival training for childrenSurvival training shouldn’t be reserved solely for adults. Consider adding some outdoor and survival training for children to your regimen. Continue reading Survival Training for Children

Go For the Eyes

go for the eyes self defenseSelf defense is key to surviving an attack. Are you ready to go for the eyes to stop an assault on you or your loved ones?

Continue reading Go For the Eyes

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