HAM Radio 101 – Intro to Repeaters

There are so many unanswered questions for the new HAM licensee. in HAM Radio 101 – Intro To Repeaters: We’ll start to answer these questions to make HAM simple.

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Popular Preparedness Gear

popular preparedness gear

The holiday shopping season just ended, so its that time of the year when we take a look at what preparedness gear, such as water filters, backpacks, knives, fire starters and more, have been popular with our readers over the last six months. The following is a breakdown of the most purchased gear on Amazon [...]

Be Prepared Blog Hop #3

Are We Crazy or What, Mom With a Prep, Home Ready Home, Prepared Housewives, Survival Sherpa and me (Geek Prepper) are thrilled to present the third weekly Be Prepared Blog Hop.


Make An Oil Lamp with Used Cooking Oil

We all have that jar full of used cooking oil. Wouldn’t it be great to use it to make an oil lamp with used cooking oil?


Checklist of 5 skill sets you need to master

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Here is a checklist of 5 skill sets you need to master right away.


Backyard Primitive Fire starting


Every time I watch one of those “survivor” TV shows, like Survivorman, or Man vs Wild, I see these people starting fires with nothing but sticks. I’ve been neglectful of developing my Backyard Primitive Fire starting skills , just like many of you.


Homesteading Links



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