Let's get prepared for extraordinary situations together! - John (Geek Prepper)
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What’s In My Bag?

what's in my bugout bag

If there is one question I get asked a lot, it’s “What’s in my bag?”.


Upgrade an ALICE pack

upgrade an ALICE pack

With very little effort you can upgrade an ALICE pack, with modern straps and waist belt, making it comfortable, and giving you a great platform to utilize.


Backpack Giveaway

backpack giveaway

Geek Prepper has seen your posts and comments, so I know some of you need some backpacks! How about a Backpack giveaway for all your bug out bag needs?


Tactical Patrick Backpack

Tactical Patrick Backpack

I needed another backpack, about as much as I need another hole in my head, but when I was poking around at this small town hardware store with a camping and military surplus isle, I just couldn’t help myself. There is was, a large and impressive Molle backpack, the Tactical Patrick Backpack, and it had […]

Covert Prepper Backpack

Covert Prepper backpacks

Preppers need a covert prepper backpack, a bag built to blend in, yet can go operational at a moment’s notice.


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