Server Upgrade Tonight (03/24/2014 2am EST)


We are doing a server migration tonight around 2AM EST. There may be a minor interruption in your viewing pleasure.

We need more horsepower, due to all the great readers and fans. It was really bogging down our hosting server, so we had to upgrade!

Don’t worry, it shouldn’t take too long and we’ll [...]

Surveillance Countermeasures


The Washington Post and The Guardian have revealed the existence of a US government mass Internet surveillance programs. Yes, people are Spying on Americans; right now, today. Now we know for sure that we’re being watched, so what can do you? Let’s talk about some Technical Surveillance Countermeasures that we can use to ensure our [...]

Portable Solar

During the last power outage I was musing about solar power and how nice it’d be to have a way to charge my cell phone and other portable devices.

Portability would be nice in a solar power system would be great, so I can take it camping or to a family members house in the [...]

Home Security Cameras for the Preparedness minded


Being an Security Engineer by trade, I understand that awareness is key. Any good network security involves having visibility into every part of your network and computer systems. I realized not too long ago that I should apply the same logic into the security of my home and family, so I put together a system [...]

Internet Communication OpSec

Internet Communication OpSec

This is an addition to Prepper Opsec, a “Must Read” in what has become the USA Totalitarian Regime.


Prepper OpSec

prepper opsec

Recently a few stories have come to light that highlight the importance of Prepper Operational Security (OpSec).


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