Financial Preparation in a SHTF World

When prepping, the focus is heavily on items for survival: food, water, gas, guns, ammunition, and anything that helps you survive off the grid. However, it is important to realize that eventually, despite all your preparedness, you will need to make purchases. Should the economy collapse completely, or a super-storm like Sandy takes out [...]

Life without Electricity

life without electricity geek-prepper

It’s winter, here in the USA, and many parts of the country just got hit with ice storms. The electricity has been on and off all night and it got me reflecting on the power grid and life without electricity.


Surprising Statistics on American’s Preparedness

Today I discovered some Surprising Statistics on American’s Preparedness, from the FEMA website.


Have an Emergency Family Plan

Emergency Family Plan

You run errands and you may work outside the home, so there will be times that you aren’t near your family. What will you do if disaster strikes and your family has to vacate their location before you can get back to them? You need to have an Emergency Family Plan!


Keep your Bug Out Bag Organized

I recently upgraded by Bug Out Bag to an ILBE military surplus bag. The good news is that it holds everything I need. The bad new is I now need to have a system to keep it neat and ready. It’s very important to Keep your Bug Out Bag Organized!


Multiple Bug Out Load Outs

multiple bug out load outs

There is no perfect load out for bugging out. The key is to have options depending on the circumstances and the situation at hand. Multiple Bug Out Load Outs leave you some options!


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