Tactical Patrick Backpack

Tactical Patrick Backpack

I needed another backpack, about as much as I need another hole in my head, but when I was poking around at this small town hardware store with a camping and military surplus isle, I just couldn’t help myself. There is was, a large and impressive Molle backpack, the Tactical Patrick Backpack, and it had [...]

Aerial Reconnaissance with Drones

aerial recon with drones

Technology can be your friend. If the Government is using drones for Aerial Reconnaissance, why wouldn’t we embrace technology to do the same thing?


Only 5 Items

only 5 items

What if you could only grab 5 items in an emergency, when you are bugging out or before being stranded on a desert island ? What 5 items would they be?


Popular Preparedness Gear

popular preparedness gear

The holiday shopping season just ended, so its that time of the year when we take a look at what preparedness gear, such as water filters, backpacks, knives, fire starters and more, have been popular with our readers over the last six months. The following is a breakdown of the most purchased gear on Amazon [...]

Why You Need a Shemagh in your Preparedness Gear

why you need a shemagh in your preparedness gear geekprepper

Think of the Shemagh as the bandana’s big brother. They have almost unlimited uses. This is why You Need a Shemagh in your Preparedness Gear


Is a Kelly Kettle or Solo Stove right for you?

stoves ready to cook

Sometimes it’s hard to decide on a camp stove, just by looking at ads. I wanted to give you some size references and background to help you choose.


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