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Geek Prepper is a Shooter, Outdoorsman, Hunter, Super Nerd, Writer, Prepper; Showing you how to prepare for extraordinary situations.
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Post Archives

HOMAK Wall Safe

homak wall safe

Sometimes you really need to secure something, in a way that is also hidden. The Homak wall safe is a economic way to provide that security.


Altai Tactical Boots

altai tactical boots

My last pair of boots were looking a bit worn down, so I was on the prowl for some new boots. Out of the blue, I get contacted, to see if I’m willing to test and review a pair of Altai Tactical Boots. They have no idea what they are getting into. Do they?


Camp Cooking with the Kelly Kettle

camp cooking with the kelly kettle

We have a tradition at my house, every winter we get outside and have some hot cocoa. This gives us a great chance to practice our cooking with the Kelly Kettle . The kids love this annual festivity and it gives me a chance to teach them some outdoors stuff.


Is a Kelly Kettle or Solo Stove right for you?

stoves ready to cook

Sometimes it’s hard to decide on a camp stove, just by looking at ads. I wanted to give you some size references and background to help you choose.


Swiss Army Knife Trekker Compared to the Hiker

swiss army knife trekker vs hiker comparison

I’ve carried a Swiss Army Knife daily since the 70’s. I had grown comfortable with the traditional design, but now they offer an updated design. Before I could decide if I liked this new design, I needed to see the new styled Swiss Army Knife Trekker compared to the Hiker!


Solo Stove Review

solo stove review geekprepper

I’ve been waiting for the weather to break so I could test out my new Solo Stove.


Favorite Fixed Blade Knives

favorite fixed blade knives

I get asked quite often which knives I use most often. This is a tricky question because if I have a choice, I grab the knife that’s the best fit for the job.