The maiden voyage of the new Fire Pit

firepit 07082013

My new fire pit arrived yesterday, and I took it out for it’s maiden voyage.


Back yard fire pit

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In my previous post Backyard Primitive Fire starting, I had promised that I’d start my training to start fires without modern tools by using a back yard fire pit. This is an update of the progress I’ve made on that promise.


Backyard Primitive Fire starting


Every time I watch one of those “survivor” TV shows, like Survivorman, or Man vs Wild, I see these people starting fires with nothing but sticks. I’ve been neglectful of developing my Backyard Primitive Fire starting skills , just like many of you.


Training In Survival Skills – 3 Considerations

Your survival training hinges on understanding the Law of Threes. It is your guideline in any situation where you are forced to fight to survive. You may know what it is, but how can you make it your own? Meaning, how can you make it second nature to make things go a little smoother in [...]

Making Fire Sticks

Making Fire Sticks

A fire is one of the best tools you can have in a survival situation. With a fire, you are satisfying several needs while adding a bit of comfort to a situation that may be in dire need of some good ol’ fashion comfort. Because a fire is so important, fire making is one of [...]

Two Misunderstandings About Survival Skills Practice


When it comes to survival training and Survival Skills, you are constantly told to get out there and practice. However, before you revert to a couple of very famous sayings when it comes to practicing any skill, let’s clear a few things up. The phrase, “practice makes perfect” is only partially correct. I will explain [...]

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