Maximize your space with Under-Bed Storage

under-bed storage bed frames

It seems to me like I’m always fighting to find space to store my preps. Then one day my wife mentioned that we could utilize all that space under our King sized bed.

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Which Firearms Should you Have for SHTF?

which firearms should you have for SHTF

In our previous post Which battle rifle should you own for TEOTWAWKI, we discussed using a .308 rifle. Due to some updated research we have some updated recommendations.


Have You Considered Your Addiction during SHTF?

We always talk about getting extra prescription medication to last you through a SHTF situation, but you may have other needs that you haven’t considered. Have You Considered Your Addictions for SHTF?


What if SHTF Never Happens?

what if shtf never happens geekprepper

I’m constantly asked “What if you prep and nothing ever happens?” or “What if SHTF Never Happens?”

“Would it all be a waste?“


Surprising Statistics on American’s Preparedness

Today I discovered some Surprising Statistics on American’s Preparedness, from the FEMA website.


Aluminum Grain Shovel

Preparedness isn’t all about bugging out and tactical weaponry, it’s about being prepared. Part of being prepared is having tools to get things done to keep life moving forward. Even if there isn’t some type of SHTF situation, you can benefit from having an Aluminum Grain Shovel as one of your tools.


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