What’s Your Threat? Staying off the Radar

staying off the radar

The last thing you need is being “outted” as a “Prepper”. People will know that you have goods and supplies, giving you unneeded attention, especially if things go south. This is why we need to focus on Staying off the Radar!


How the Government Monitors Us

how the government monitors us

I am constantly amazed that the government spying machine has turned it’s eyes inward on the U.S. Citizens. Their reach is vast so you may be really surprised by the methods and extent of how the government monitors us.


Some simple vigilance, Shred your trash

vigilance with your trash

Operational Security is key.

I was talking to a retired Law Enforcement professional a few weeks ago and he commented about how he could learn almost everything he needed to know about someone by going through their garbage. They can determine everything, from your favorite restaurants to how much your car payment is and who [...]

Covert Prepper Backpack

Covert Prepper backpacks

Preppers need a covert prepper backpack, a bag built to blend in, yet can go operational at a moment’s notice.


Covert Transport of Firearms

covert transport of firearms

Regardless of where you live, you don’t want to advertise the fact that you have firearms. Unless you live on a remote stretch of land, where you can shoot at your leisure, then you’re going to need to transport your firearms to a shooting range to get your range time. If you’re like me, [...]

Ghillie Blanket!

ghillie blanket

A ghillie suit can be the perfect camouflage for one person, but what if you have multiple people, like children? What if you need to be able to make your whole family melt into your surroundings fast, leaving no trace? What if we were to fashion a ghillie blanket?


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