Benefits of Composting

It’s Spring! That means it’s time to start getting ready to plant a garden. This year instead of tossing your fruit and vegetable waste and lawn waste in the garbage bin, you can reap the benefits of composting your organic waste.


Hybrid Seeds vs Heirloom Seeds – The great debate

Every year I have the Hybrid Seeds vs Heirloom Seeds argument with myself. This year I finally figured it all out. If only I had known that the Hybrid Seeds vs Heirloom Seeds answer was this easy.


Self Sufficiency – Prepping to the Next Level

self sufficiency

What do we do once we’ve got the Bug Out Bags, the survival supplies and the things we need to survive in a post-SHTF situation? I’ve been working on my preps for a while now and while there will always be room to add to modify my supplies and tactics, but what should the real [...]

Survival Skills: Garden – So far so good.

Lettuce, cabbage and Japalanoes

The garden looks good. I’ve attached some pictures so you can see the progress of our plants.

The bare spots are areas where I planted seeds directly into the garden, so we should be seeing some spouts any time now.

I am really pumped about the tomatoes, I should be [...]

Survival Skills: Garden – Chicken wire around the garden is already paying off!

I was on my way to the compost tumbler last evening when I realized there was a rabbit hanging out in my yard again. I managed to see it a split second before, Taz, the Geek’s Ranch “guard cockapoo” spied it and went into hot pursuit.

This caused me to pause a moment and to [...]

Survival Skills: Garden – Upside Down Tomato Garden

This is almost exactly like my upside down garden

If you like tomatoes and plan to grow them, especially in an area without much space, I recommend using an upside down tomato garden. I’ve had some great results.

I no longer have tomatoes pulling the plant over and laying on the ground where they [...]

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