The Final Option – Personal Defense for the Untrained

personal defense for the untrained

I was approached by a middle-aged female, and asked “What do you recommend for self protection, in my rural home?”. After dwelling on personal defense for the untrained, I could only come up with 1 simple answer.

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The 4 dollar budget tactical flashlight

The 4 dollar budget tactical flashlight

I kept seeing this 4 dollar budget tactical flashlight, and finally decided to give it a try.


Cold Steel Shovel a great redundant tool


I’m all about redundancy and multi-use gear for prepping. This is why I love my Cold Steel Shovel(s). They can do so much more than dig!


Tactical Tomahawk for prepping

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I love multi-use items. They can serve multiple roles while still allowing us to minimize pack weight. This is why I have a Tactical Tomahawk for prepping. It’s strapped to my bug out bag ready to go!


Body Armor for Preppers!

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Body armor can make a huge difference in your survival plan. All it takes is one shot to put a person down, but if you’re wearing some decent body armor, you may just live to fight another day! Body Armor for preppers should be an essential piece of gear regardless of your decision to bug [...]

The Top Five Most Effective Self Defense Tools

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Protecting yourself is more important than ever. Police budgets have been drastically cut due to financial strains over the last few years, resulting in a crippling loss of resources and personnel in dozens of cities across the U.S. With fewer law enforcement officers on the streets, many of these cities, including Chicago, Sacramento and New [...]

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