The Final Option – Personal Defense for the Untrained

personal defense for the untrained

I was approached by a middle-aged female, and asked “What do you recommend for self protection, in my rural home?”. After dwelling on personal defense for the untrained, I could only come up with 1 simple answer.

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The 4 dollar budget tactical flashlight

The 4 dollar budget tactical flashlight

I kept seeing this 4 dollar budget tactical flashlight, and finally decided to give it a try.


Security Cameras to Monitor your Perimeter

security cameras to monitor your perimeter

With home invasions and crime on the rise, it might be a wise decision to use security cameras to monitor your perimeter.


Body Armor for Preppers!

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Body armor can make a huge difference in your survival plan. All it takes is one shot to put a person down, but if you’re wearing some decent body armor, you may just live to fight another day! Body Armor for preppers should be an essential piece of gear regardless of your decision to bug [...]

Improvised Perimeter Alarms

improvised perimeter alarms

What if it’s dark, or you’re asleep and someone is creeping up to your house? This won’t happen if you have some improvised perimeter alarms


Home Security Cameras for the Preparedness minded


Being an Security Engineer by trade, I understand that awareness is key. Any good network security involves having visibility into every part of your network and computer systems. I realized not too long ago that I should apply the same logic into the security of my home and family, so I put together a system [...]

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