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Post Archives

Defend Against Home Invasion

defend against home invasion

There’s not a day that goes by, where we don’t read about another home invasion. Home invasions are on the rise, and to protect your family you need to take some simple precautions to defend against home invasion.


Security Cameras to Monitor your Perimeter

security cameras to monitor your perimeter

With home invasions and crime on the rise, it might be a wise decision to use security cameras to monitor your perimeter.


Ways to Keep Your Home Safe in an Economic Collapse

Let’s face it, the U.S. economy is more than likely headed for collapse. With the bailouts back in 2008 and the wreckless spending under the Bush and Obama administration alongside corruption in nearly every government department, our country has gotten itself into a heap of financial trouble. If our economy collapses, there will surely be […]

The Dog, Natures Alarm system.

the dog natures alarm

Without a dog, what will you do to alert yourself and your family to trouble around your property when there is no electricity for your motion lights or home alarm system? If society fails and you want to hunker down, wouldn’t it be good to know that someone is snooping around your place at […]

Improvised Perimeter Alarms

improvised perimeter alarms

What if it’s dark, or you’re asleep and someone is creeping up to your house? This won’t happen if you have some improvised perimeter alarms


Home Security Cameras for the Preparedness minded


Being an Security Engineer by trade, I understand that awareness is key. Any good network security involves having visibility into every part of your network and computer systems. I realized not too long ago that I should apply the same logic into the security of my home and family, so I put together a system […]

Surviving the gun and ammo shortages


No matter what store you go to, or website you visit, there are no guns, they are way over priced or you just can’t get the ammo you need.

What is our strategy for dealing with this?