Advantages and Disadvantages of a BullPup firearm

Advantages and disadvantages of a BullPup Rifle or Shotgun

Are you in the market for a new rifle or shotgun? Maybe you’re trying to decide if a bullpup design would be advantageous in your circumstances. There are some caveats to this design, so make sure you are aware of the advantages and disadvantages of a BullPup Rifle or Shotgun.

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Where’s the Ammunition?

where's the ammunition

Not to long ago, it was nearly impossible to find ammo, regardless of the type of firearms you had. People were scared and there was much mass buying and hoarding was occurring. This led many people to ask “where’s the ammunition?”


America, sit down, we need to talk…

America sit down we need to talk

America, sit down, we need to talk…


Surviving the gun and ammo shortages


No matter what store you go to, or website you visit, there are no guns, they are way over priced or you just can’t get the ammo you need.

What is our strategy for dealing with this?


Marylanders head to Annapolis for 2nd Amendment

In Annapolis today, I joined with thousands and thousands of Maryland citizens who were very concerned about their 2nd Amendment rights in the face of Maryland SB281, Draconian gun measures.

There were so many people that it was almost impossible to move. I did some quick recon, and found that Maryland PAC was representing National [...]

Preparing for a Societal Collapse


The world and our Country are rapidly changing.

Once we had investigative journalism and newspapers to uncover the wicked, the corrupt and the schemes against our citizens, now we have Main Stream News Media reading us government provided propaganda and TV programming trying to convince us that wrong is right.

Liberty loving Americans that believe [...]

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